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Labor and Employment Law

Protect Your Rights at Work

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly at work. We stand up for employees and help them fight for their fundamental right to be treated equitably and judged based on their abilities to do the job. When an employer makes a decision about your future based on where you were born, your race, your gender, sexual orientation, or disability, that decision violates the law. The attorneys at Fiebiger Law have decades of experience representing workers who have been discriminated against. We represent workers in trials and appeals in state and federal courts in North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, as well as the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


We represent employees in employment discrimination cases and wrongful termination cases. These include sexual harassment and protected categories such as gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, disability and age. We represent employees fired or retaliated against for whistleblowing.


We can help you explore your rights and options if you are given a severance agreement, can evaluate the validity of a noncompete agreement, and can review a contract before you begin your employment.


Contact Fiebiger Law for your free consultation if you think your rights may have been violated at work.

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